Camp Fire Girls - Charms

The Camp Fire Girls and Camp Fire USA programs had many charms throughout the years.

Camp Fire Girls Membership Charms

3 year membership charm

5 year membership charm

7 year membership charm

10 year charm, introduced 1964


Martha F. Allen Membership March Charm 1966-1970

Martha F. Allen was the national director of Camp Fire Girls. The 4-year program was aimed at promoting and maintaining membership.


The outline of the design, a seedpod, signifies development of organization; tendrils represent increased membership, sunrays signify enlightenment, happiness and thoughts represent leadership and understanding, and the creation symbol signifies innovations and wide outlook. The curving lines of the outline stands for femininity, the straight lines of inner motif signifies strong qualities of dynamic leadership.

Camp Fire Girls Gypsy Honor Charms

Fagot Finder Charm


High Adventure Charm


Trail Maker Charm


Gypsy Charm

Camp Fire Girls and Camp Fire USA Product and Candy Sales Charms

Sales Charm for girls and leaders 1956, and likely other years



Sales Charm

c 1970


Candy Sales

Camp Fire Candy Sales

Camp Fire Annual Sale

Camp Fire Annual Sale




Bluebird Charms



Fly-up (to Camp Fire Girls)

Starflight Charm (2nd year Bluebirds)



Unknown Charms




Camp Fire Girls and Camp Fire USA Adult Service Charms

Program Training


Financial Management

Product Sales

Public Relations

Long Range Development

Training Committee

3 years membership





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