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Camp Fire Girls held their Silver Jubilee, honoring 25 years, in 1937. They were celebrating their date of incorporation on March 17, 1912.


Stories of the Camp Fire Girls Silver Jubilee were carried far and wide in the newspapers. The 25th birthday of the organization was a huge milestone.

In the intervening years, newspapers carried stories of the annual birthdays. Shown here the 29th, 32nd and 35th.


However, in 1948 suddenly Camp Fire Girls were no longer celebrating specific birthdays - here we would have expected the 36th. Instead, they were promoting that they were founded in 1910 - not 1912!

Why were the Camp Fire Girls subtracting 2 years from their long promoted birthday of March 17, 1912? No explanation is given. The official history of the Camp Fire Girls, a book called WO-HE-LO The Story of the Camp Fire Girls (published 1961) and updated and republished as WO-HE-LO The Camp Fire Story in 1980, is silent on the matter. Looking back, we could speculate that they wanted to line up more with the Boy Scouts of America, which Camp Fire Girls had long promoted as the scouting brothers to Camp Fire Girls.

The muddled history of the early days of Camp Fire Girls, combining other girl groups, didn't even find a place in the newspapers until 1911. Tentatively named Camp Fire Girls of America, it was later renamed Girl Pioneers of America. This group did not survive beyond the 1930s. However, the Gulicks used the ideas from the combined programs along with some other ideas they had and created what we remember as Camp Fire Girls (they never used the term "of America.")

From 1948 onward, March 17th was now considered "Founder's Day" and when 1960 rolled around Camp Fire Girls celebrated their "50th Anniversary" - Golden Jubilee. The theme for the jubilee was The World Around Her, She Cares - Do You? The birthday honor was a 2 1/2 year project, starting in 1959


Birthday Honor

1959 - 1961

 -The World Around Her
                 - She Cares - Do You?

 Golden Jubilee Girl Project, 2 1/2 years long


Golden Jubilee Honor, stenciled onto green felt

Yellow for the Golden Jubilee, seed pod design for promise of new life and continued growth.

This was an earned honor


Golden Jubilee Honor memento charm, shown on navy blue felt

Charm had no requirements for wear, unlike the felt honor

There were many items from the Golden Jubilee, like this bookmark

The United States Post Office issued a new Camp Fire Girls postage stamp for the Golden Jubilee

There are many examples of First Day covers

Golden Jubilee charm









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Camp Fire Girls - Jubilees