Camp Fire Girls - Patch Identification

Camp Fire Girl patches symbolized achievements, membership, participation, etc.

At first the designs were stenciled on the ceremonial gown, later hand-stenciled onto leather swatches and sewn onto the ceremonial gown. When the designs were commercially embroidered, they evolved through a variety of backings. There have been some name  & design changes as well.

These Camp Fire Girl patches are found on leatherette, suede, black felt, navy blue felt and tan felt.




Gypsy Honors/Progression in Outdoor Action Honors:

Fagot Finder (now called Fire Tender)


Trail Maker



  Later, when the Gypsy Honors program was renamed Progression in Outdoor Action, High Adventure and Voyager were added, all 5 symbols continue with the Camp Fire USA program.

High Adventure




Torch Bearer Craftsman Honors:

 17 Torch Bearer Craftsman Honors were introduced with the new 1936 edition of the Camp Fire Girls manual. This gave girls a variety of ways to earn the Torch Bearer Honor.

  • Once earned the honor was stenciled onto the ceremonial outfit. Embroidered patches came much later.
  • It was expected for a Camp Fire Girl to give service and show leadership in earning each Craftsman honor.
  • By 1962 there were 25 Torch Bearer ranks to earn.
  •  List is alphabetical by the first known name of the honor.
  • Colors noted in the descriptions don't always match the patch, Business is noted as being lemon yellow.


Hand Arts,
Creative Arts Appreciation



added 1946


 Home Management





 Small Craft

 Water Sports

added 1946


Camp Craft

 Outdoor Living, Camping



 Community Awareness


Community Government


dropped as a Torch Bearer Craftsman honor 1946, made in to a national project




Creative Arts Career



Dancing, Performing Arts






Games and Sports

 Sports & Games



 Environmental Issues

Healthy Living

Home Making, aka Homemaking

dropped by 1962


introduced 1960

International Friendship


Interior Decoration

 Practical Living


Indian Lore, Community Understanding

dropped 1946






Nature and Conservation

Nature Lore





  introduced 1962

Public Relations, Communications


Religious Growth

added 1946


Added 1946

 design changed by 1962


Science (in 1962), Computer Technology



Special Interests

Special Service




Water Activities, Aquatics, Swimming







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