Girl Home-Makers of America - D.A.R.


Launched in 1910 in Cleveland, OH, the Girl Home-Makers of America was the brain-child of Mrs. Elizabeth Neff. What developed into a 5 year program of how best to care for a home as well as become good citizens of America became an official part of the Daughters of the American Revolution's child improvement program in 1912. Mrs. Neff became the national chairman of the organization by 1914.

The focus was to help immigrant children or children of immigrant parents who, Mrs. Neff thought, needed training in American ways. At first the title of the group was under question, as the term "home-maker" wasn't in the dictionary!




It seems it was expected that once the girl graduated from Girl Home-Makers she became a Girl Scout!




World War ll brought "Victory Menu" Contests


The program continued through the 1950s and 1960s but was clearly fading away. The last know newspaper clipping found was 1971.