Junior American Citizens

The Daughters of the American Revolution had "good citizenship" type programs early in their history, but the name Junior American Citizens wasn't adopted until 1936. 

In 1936 the program was limited to children (and maybe just boys - see below) who were not eligible for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution. Their initial focus may have been with immigrant children or children of immigrant parents, but that focus evolved to include all children grades 1 thru 8th by 1939.

the program continues today - striving to promote good citizenship and knowledge of American history through essay contests.

Motto:  Justice - Americanism - Character

Junior American Citizens were not eligible for membership to the D.A.R., or, more accurately to the group Children of the American Revolution.

Although not clear why - this group in 1936 was limited to just boys.



3 different sizes of the Junior American Citizens membership button-style pin. The pin on the left is 5/8", the pin on the right is 7/8." To be worn over the heart.


It seemed important to stress that the group was open to all children.

By November 1939, membership is identified as children in grades 1-8.


New Junior American Citizens groups often made the local paper.


2 sizes of Junior American Citizens President button-style pins.


Witnessing citizenship in action - 1943.




2 sizes of the Director's pin for the adult leaders.

Junior American Citizens Handbook 1956-1959

Junior American Citizens Prayer

Our Father, we thank Thee that America is our Country. We thank Thee that we live under the Stars and Stripes. Help us always to be obedient, loyal American citizens. Amen

Thatcher Pin, the highest honor that can be earned in the Junior American Citizens, for outstanding service or citizenship. 2 versions shown



NewsTime was the Junior American Citizens magazine in the 1950s


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