Junior Girl Units - VFW

Started in 1935, they were originally called Daughters of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Members were to call each other "sister", uniforms were French blue jumpers, white short sleeve blouses with peter pan collars, red ribbon tie and French blue cap. In the early days, being married did not disbar a girl from membership - as long as she was 18 years old or under.

Now, Junior Girls Units are for girls 6 - 16 who are daughters, stepdaughters, foster daughters, granddaughters, sisters, half sisters, stepsisters or foster sisters of persons eligible for the VFW.

Purpose of the Junior Girls
- To install in the hearts of our youth, a firm belief in the principles of our Republic and the reverence for the Flag of the United States.
- To develop character, cooperation, leadership, self-reliance and a willingness to assume responsibility.
- To assist the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars and their activities.
- To interest members of the Junior Girls units in the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars and train them for future membership in the Auxiliary.

This silver pin simply says V.F.W. on the bottom. It is believed that this is the older of the 3 pins.

This pin says V.F.W.  A.U.X.

This current pin says AUX  VFW




Achievement Badges -Discontinued

Junior Girls Unit badges are octagonal in shape. The Junior Girls Achievement Badge program currently has 10 badges for the girls to earn. Each badge has several projects listed, with a certain number that must be completed to earn the badge. The girls parent/guardian and Unit Chairman must sign to show the girls have completed their projects.
There are also 2 bonus badges the girls can earn. One is the National President's Achievement Badge which is based on the theme of the current National President and is awarded upon completion of 3 other badges. The other is the Golden Heart Achievement Badge, which is earned upon completion of 10 achievement badges.

Buddy Poppy Badge 

 Learn the history of the Buddy Poppy - Help organize a Buddy Poppy Drive - Assist Auxiliary in Buddy Poppy Drive - Make a display for Department Buddy Poppy Contest - Develop a new use for the Buddy Poppy  

Junior Girls Units Symbol

Junior Girls units is a uniformed organization. Some girls have been seen in blue skirts with matching blue beret and white blouse. Other girls identified as Junior Girls units were wearing red vests.

J.U.M.P. - Junior Unit Merit Program:

The Junior Girls Units have moved to an all digital badge program called JUMP. The booklet can be downloaded that has all the requirements and then once the work is completed and turned in, a digital badge will be sent and can be saved in a scrapbook. There are 55 basic badges, plus a few extras.

2 examples of the digital badges

Some examples of the lovely jewelry that the Junior Girls members can purchase.