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The Lutheran Girl Pioneers club began in 1954, as a sister group to the Lutheran Pioneers, an all boy club. They are both part of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. The Lutheran Pioneers celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2014.

A uniformed group continues today; there are 5 levels; Sunbeams, Traveler, Trailblazer, Homesteader and Spinner.

Their motto is Loyal to Christ.

The official colors are brown and white.

Groups are called Caravans.

Instead of earning badges like other girls clubs, once a Lutheran Girl Pioneer reached the Traveler age level, she would earn a charm bracelet and charms. Shown below are the charms noted in the handbooks, but newspaper articles note that there were more charms, such as swimming, cooking, etc.

Charm bracelet with the Traveler level charm

Trailblazer level, charm with sunbonnet and Loyal To Christ motto

Homesteader level charm

Spinner level charm

Camping & Outdoor charm

Babysitting charm

Junior Leader - an older girl program

Lutheran Girl Pioneer






1970's era handbook

1993 Lutheran Girl Pioneer handbook





handbook image of Lutheran Girl Pioneers in camp uniform

A snazzy, jazzy hot pink LGP sweatshirt




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Lutheran Girl Pioneers


Current Lutheran Girl Pioneer logo