Moentita Girls

The Moentita Girls was the younger sister group to the Bethany Girls, a Presbyterian girls group. The group never gained a large following. The group was very similar to the Girl Scouts with an emphasis on earning emblems and camping. The first mention of Moentita Girls in the newspapers was in 1926, but it is likely the group started a year or two earlier as the handbook wasn't published until 1926. Their handbook, called the Moentita Girls Project Book seems to only have one edition, likely indicating the program did not survive long. The last mention in the newspapers of the Moentita Girls was in 1949.

image from handbook

The word Moentita came from taking the first two letters of the words money, energy, time and talent and was included in the 11th law of the Moentita Girls.

Moentita Girls were in the 7th, 8th or 9th grade or 12,13 or 14 years old. There were 3 ranks. The lowest rank, White Craft included such requirements as abstaining from candy, soda and commercially manufactured soft drinks for one month, know the Christian Pledge of Allegiance and know the Moentita Girls Purpose and the Twelve Moentita Laws. Once she completed all the requirements, she could wear the Moentita Girls membership pin.

   The second rank, Blue Craft required tasks such as - maintain silence from the time of dismissal from school until bed time for one day, read a biography from the Moentita book list and give a report at a Moentita Girls meeting, keep a Moentita Girls Health Chart for four weeks. After all the requirements were met, the girl could wear a blue tie along with her Moentita Girls pin.

    The highest rank, Red Craft required, among other things, that a girl be a Moentita Girl for at least one year, show leadership in church, created a sampler including 2 alphabets, the Moentita Girls Purpose and her name. Once she completed all the requirements, she was entitled to wear the red tie and the Moentita Girls Membership pin.

In 1929 a National Moentita Girls Camp was held at Winona Lake at Warsaw, IN at the Bethany Girls campsite. This was the only noted national camp for the group.


Moentita Girls Membership Pin

"All-Round" Moentita Girls Pin

 is earned when a girl has attained all three ranks in membership; White Craft, Blue Craft and Red Craft, and earned at least one emblem in each of the 10 crafts. The laurel leaves around the Moentita Girl symbol signifies success, as does the round shape of the pin.


1926 Moentita Girls Track Pin

1928 Moentita Girls Tennis Pin



Moentita Girls Project Book 1926


Moentita Girls Purpose:

Trusting Jesus Christ for help

I will be my own self

At my very best

Always ready to help others

Ever loyal to my country

And to God.

Moentita Girls Flag


Moentita Girls Salute

The uniform of the Moentita Girls - a white middy blouse - what we today would call a sailor shirt - with the big collar. For ceremonies a white pleated skirt was worn, other times a navy skirt was find. In camp navy bloomers were worn. Emblems were worn on the uniform blouse.



The Twelve Moentita Laws

1) I will be kind and courteous to everyone.

2) I will find out what talents I have and will do cheerfully my share of whatever work needs to be done.

3) I will learn how to play in the best way for my won good and for the good of others.

4) I will obey the laws of health and thus keep myself physically fit.


5) I will keep myself mentally alert, learning all I can about the things that are true, beautiful, and good.

6 I will lean how to earn money and to use it properly.

7) I will be a real home maker.

8) I will do my duty to my community and to my country.


9) I will do all I can to bring about good will among the people of all nations.

10) I will try to become and active and useful church member.

11) I will hold all my money, energy, time, and talents and everything else I have as belonging to God.

12) I will seek daily fellowship with God through prayer, Bible Study, and other forms of communion with Him.