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Girl Pioneers of America

Camp Fire Girls - The program from 1912 until around 1975 when it went co-ed. Special emphasis on identifying all those symbols!

4-H Clubs

Young Homemaker of the Year - The brief annual national contest for members of the Girls Clubs of America, 1952-1962

Girls Clubs of America - Officially started in 1945 when it merged several girl groups, it continues today as Girls Inc.

Homemaker of Tomorrow  - Betty Crocker of General Mills Corp. national scholarship contest, 1955-1977

Girl Home-Makers of America - Daughters of the American Revolution group aimed to help immigrant girl children be better Americans.

Future Homemakers of America/New Homemakers of America - Consolidating multiple "Homemaker" clubs in high schools throughout the nation.

Bee-Hive Girls - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints girls' program

Oriole Girls - Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints girls' program

Moentita Girls -Little sister group for the Bethany Girls

Bethany Girls - Methodist Church girls club

Junior Birdmen of America - Aviation Mania swept the country in the 1930s, this club was a major one, 1934-1939

Boys Clubs Of America - Now called Boys and Girls Club, this is a look back at vintage BCA

Liberty Bell Bird Club - magazine club, not limited to children

Junior Audubon Clubs - National Audubon Society's youth club, most often run through schools.

Boy Rangers Of America - Before there were Cub Scouts

Open Road Pioneers - magazine club, loosely run by the Open Road for Boys magazine

YMCA Comrades and Pioneers - an early scouting-type program for boys by the YMCA

YMCA Pioneers - the next attempt for a scouting-type program for boys by the YMCA

YMCA Friendly Indians - the junior group for the Pioneers and Comrades

YMCA Indian Guide Programs - a look at the patches, handbooks and headbands of the Y-Guide, Y-Princess, Y-Maidens, Y-Braves and Y-Papoose programs

Girl Reserves - YWCA

Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Clubs

Y-Teens - What the Girl Reserves morphed into in 1946

Junior Citizens Service Corps

Junior American Citizens - Daughters of the American Revolution citizenship program

Junior Girls Units - VFW

Sunbrite Junior Nurse Corps - A national radio program that encouraged girls to form their own neighborhood corps and be healthy.

Sunbeams - Salvation Army

Girl Guards - Salvation Army

Pioneer Girls

Lutheran Pioneer Girls

Girls' Club Of The Ladies Home Journal - magazine club, selling subscriptions - remembered mostly for the swastika shaped membership pin (prior to the rise of Nazism)

Junior Gardens of America - magazine club, Better Homes and Gardens, run through the monthly magazine

Future Farmers of America - a mostly pictorial look at Future Farmers of America and the New Farmers of America

National Farm Youth Foundation - Henry Ford's effort to improve farming methods through increased education in scientific methods 1940-1942

Victory Farm Volunteers - Sending kids out to the farm during the summers of World War II to help harvest the crops

Victory Boys and Girls - Raising pennies and nickels for the war effort 1917-1919

High School Victory Corps - Giving High School kids an introduction to the mechanics of war during World War II

Girls' National Honor Guard - World War I girls club

Girls' Auxiliary

Girls In Action

Girls' Friendly Society - a look back at the Episcopalian's version of a girls club

Rivers Club  - long forgotten

 Modern Health Crusaders - bringing basic health care education to World War I era school children

American Youth Hostels - where a room for a night only cost 25 cents in 1936

Kadets of America - Learning military drill



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