Salvation Army Sunbeam

Also known as: Sunbeam Girls, Sunbeams

   The Salvation Army Sunbeam are the junior program of the Salvation Army Girl Guards. Launched in 1921, their colors were grey and yellow. Generally the ages of Sunbeams were (and are) 6 -10 years old. The group is non-sectarian and open to all girls who accept the pledge and declaration of the Sunbeams. It should be noted that the name Sunbeam is sometimes found without the "s" at the end, and sometimes with the "s" at the end.

Today the Sunbeam program fits between the Moonbeam program and the Girl Guard programs. Moonbeams are co-ed pre-k and kindergarten, and Girl Guards are older girls. The boy's groups are Adventure Corps Explorers and Adventure Corps Rangers.

The Salvation Army Sunbeam program continues today.



The Early Years:

1952 Uniform for Sunbeams

Early Sunbeam badges were on a silk-like fabric:


Sunbeam Pledge:

I promise that I will try:

To Love God,

To be obedient,

 To be loving and kind to all,

 to be true to the Sunbeam Declaration.



Sunbeam Motto: "Do Right"

Sunbeam Declaration:

I understand that as a Sunbeam I should:

Pray morning and evening,

Speak the truth,

 be kind to animals,

 never steal, swear, gamble or touch strong drink.

"Sunbeam" patch - beginner rank

"Do Right" patch - second class

"First Class" patch - first class

AYITA patch is brown felt with gold & yellow embroidery. Tiny pins are listed below.

The AYITA Camp Award may be earned each year that a Sunbeam attends divisional camp and completes the requirements of participation in the full camp period, engage in a Bible Class, pass one test, and make a craft.

The awards are:

1st year – Little Deer/white

2nd year – Busy Beaver/yellow

3rd year – Strong Bear/red

4th year – Swift Antelope/blue

5th year – Mighty Buffalo/green

6th year – Raccoon/purple


Sunbeam Flag


For many years Sunbeam badges have been grey felt with yellow and blue embroidery. Examples:

Salvation Army badge

Insect Study badge

Cooking badge

Patriotism badge

Friend to Animals



 Editions of Sunbeam Handbook

Undated Test Helps for Sunbeam badges, likely 1970s

1981 Sunbeam Handbook



Sunbeam Pins are actually a "graduation" pin and is only worn on the Girl Guard uniform, not the Sunbeam uniform. Examples shown here show the variations of other countries.

older USA

modern USA, note that the "S" at the end has been dropped

United Kingdom



Other countries Sunbeam emblems.


The Salvation Army Sunbeam today:

Salvation Army Badge

Insect Study



Animal Friend

Same badges as shown above, just modernized. Note that the badges have either grey or yellow borders, keeping with the Sunbeam color theme.


Commissioner's Sunbeam Award


Sunbeam Handbook

Current Uniform, white polo with emblem and navy blue skort.

Sunbeam Achievement Poster