The Girl Reserves club of the YWCA, that began in 1918, changed it's name in 1946 to bring a fresh, modern feel to the club. Although early press releases about the change indicated that boys had been participating and more boys were interested in joining, the Y-Teens was a girl's club. The 1952 Y-Teen Advisor's Handbook notes that boys may join in with co-ed events, but the the "W" in YWCA stands for women (and girls) so boys could not join the Y-Teens.



The Y-Teen membership pin and charm seems to have gone through some growing pains:

large silver area off the coast of Africa

Australia noted, large silver area gone

Well defined map with raised longitude and latitude lines.

Membership charm with large silver area

Membership charm with only one shade of blue, instead of the normal two-tone pins and charms

Y-Teen Advisor's pin

1952 edition