Girls' Auxiliary

Also known as WMU Girls' Auxiliary of SBC

The Girls' Auxiliary organization was developed to answer the call of girls interested in missionary work through the Southern Baptist Church.

Special thanks to Linda Mathis - who was a member and shared her knowledge!

Started; 1913 or 1914, depending on source

It appears that prior to their official start they were called "Sunbeam Societies" or  "Sunbeams," a term that continued but was meant for younger children.

Sponsoring Organization: Women's Missionary Union (WMU) of the  Southern Baptist Church (SBC)

Age Levels:

  • Junior Girls' Auxiliary 9-12 yrs.

  • Intermediate Girls' Auxiliary 13-15 yrs.

Name changed to Girls In Action in 1970 and continues today. (At least two other Baptist branches use the GA royal theme in their girl programs.)

The boys' version is called Royal Ambassadors


Girls' Auxiliary Membership Pin
8 sided, green & white enamel on gold colored metal base.
This program continued the Royal Theme already in use by the boys' program Royal Ambassadors using gender specific titles:

Progression in Junior Girls' Auxiliary;
    (optional) Queen in Service

Progression in Intermediate Girls' Auxiliary;


1961 edition Intermediate Girl's Auxiliary Manual


Early Princess Patch felt components pinned together

Linda Mathis' Girls' Auxiliary Bracelet with Charms

Close up of the Queenly Quest Charm

Linda Mathis'  Girls' Auxiliary Charm Bracelet and Charms




Charms were a popular tangible conversation starter!

Girls' Auxiliary Bracelet



Silver tone metal 50th Anniversary of Girls' Auxiliary charm

This pin (with loop on back to put on a necklace) is from the
ABA (American Baptist Association) which is group that split from the Southern Baptist Church in 1924.
The pin has the familiar characteristics of the WMU Girls Auxiliary.

The pin is 8-sided with a large star outlined, a globe with ABA at the top, and a "lamp of knowledge" in the center. The lamp has "GA" on it and at the bottom is spells Girls' Auxiliary.

Clearly this group modeled their program along with the WMU program.



One requirement for advancement was completing a cross-stitched banner:


Girl's Auxiliary Cross-stitch work, a requirement for advancement

Linda Mathis' Girls' Auxiliary Cross-stitch work, a requirement


Members were able to keep their Queens Crown once earned:


Girls' Auxiliary Crown - vintage

Linda Mathis' Girls' Auxiliary Crown

Linda Mathis' statin-lined Girls' Auxiliary Queen Regent Cape with emblem - a real treasure to hand down through the generations.

Home Life magazine carried the Girls' Auxiliary on the cover - date unknown + a Girls' Auxiliary pennant.


Re-titled Girls In Action in 1970, Girls' Auxiliary continues. Note the patch on the vest - celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Girls' Auxiliary.




Visit the WMU website and see what the girls' programs look like today.