Liberty Bell Bird Club

Although not specifically a club for just boys and girls, membership was encouraged among youngsters. but open to all.

Founded by Charles Pennypacker Shoffner (1870-1946) and sponsored by the Farm Journal magazine, the Liberty Bell Bird Club was launched on January 1, 1913.

Unlike the National Audubon Society, the Liberty Bell Bird Club focus remained strictly on protecting useful birds through education.

Motto: Protect Our Feathered Friends

"I desire to become a member of The Liberty Bell Bird Club, and promise to study and protect all song and insectivorous birds, and do what I can for the Club"

Warning Poster for the Liberty Bell Bird Club, earlier versions (1916) were just the round red part of this poster.




Liberty Bell Bird Club Membership Badge

The first one was free to all who signed the pledge, replacement pins were 3 cents each. Later years membership was 25 cents, but included pamphlets.









catalog image of Liberty Bell Bird Club pennant, green felt with white lettering, 24" long








1916 Liberty Bell Bird Club Guide