Boys' Clubs of America & Boys' Clubs of Canada

Also known as: Federated Boys' Clubs of America, Boys' Clubs Federation of America


This charming collection of Boys' Clubs of America (and one from Canada) Swim Buttons makes a wonderful keepsake. For some boys the local Boys' Club was their only access to learning the important skill of swimming. Working their way through the levels inspired confidence in their abilities.


I'm sorry I missed this episode of Bing Crosby!


Boys Club Federation logo

Just one of the various names used

Treasured Boys' Clubs of America Pins
Note the blank banner on the gold pin

Bucky Forrester, fictional book dedicated to the Boys Clubs of America. Note the BCA symbol on the cover of the book.

Note the BCA logo on this 1939 button-style pin

A fine example of a Boys' Clubs of America medal

Boys' Clubs of America sport medals; left for swimming and right for canoing.

At least two record albums are known

Famous people have had a long history supporting the good works of the Boys' Clubs of America.


Just a few examples of Boys' Clubs of America buttons, medals and patches to be found.

The Boys' Clubs of America pavilion for the 1933 World's Fair

Northerly Island, Lake Michigan


Boys' Clubs of America Marching Song - 1948



A montage of newspaper clippings noting Boys' Club Week through the years.

The official Boys' Clubs of America postage stamp issued for their "first" 100 years 1860-1960.
Later they celebrated 100 years differently.



1980 New logo adopted

1990 New logo adopted


Precious Moments figurine for Boys and Girls Clubs of America, there are more styles.


Program continues today -