Junior Garden Clubs of America

This organization, The Junior Garden Clubs of America was launched in 1928 through the popular magazine Better Homes and Gardens. It's program was delivered through each monthly issue of the magazine and through "Cousin Marion" articles in newspapers. It was operated through the school system and through other organizations such as Boy Scouts, Campfire Girls, Girl Scouts in a very similar way the Junior Audubon Clubs were run. Once a group of ten or so interested children got together under the guidance of a teacher or leader the club could be formed. Names and addresses, along with a small stipend were sent in to the headquarters in Iowa and the club was official.

It isn't clear when the Junior Garden Clubs of America ended, but the last news clipping was in 1935.

A general description of how the club worked.


Enlargement of the button style pin shown below.


This felt item has "pages"; Nature Essay, Garden Handicraft, Civic Endeavor, Sharing Garden Pleasures, Flower Knowledge. It is not known how this was offered or used by the Junior Garden Clubs of America


In the years leading up to 1932 many clubs and organizations were busy wanted to celebrate the 200th anniversary of George Washington - Father of our Country. The Junior Garden Clubs of America was no different. They started the George Washington Chapter of the Junior Garden Clubs of America. Shown below is an article from California Garden 1931 vol 23 no 6, giving the details about this once in a lifetime event. Also shown is the special button style pin that was offered to promote the event.

An example of the cooperation between the Junior Garden Clubs of America and other youth groups.

The reported membership of the club was at 225,000 in 1935.


There was a wonderful booklet called

 My Rainy Day Notebook,

beige in color with stick drawings of children playing indoors. It was given as an award by Better Homes and Gardens through it's Junior Garden Clubs of America program, but it is not known how it was awarded.