Camp Fire Girls - Birthday Projects

Each year, starting in 1916, Camp Fire Girls had Birthday Projects, later called National Projects or Annual Projects.

  • Every group was encourage to participate in the program.
  • Each year had a special design for the honor, once earned, to be stenciled to the ceremonial gown or later, sewn to a vest.
  • First year with a verified special design was 1927. Earlier years may not have had a special design.
  • Later charms were offered for sale, but did not have to be earned.
  • By the mid 1950's these honors, pre-printed on felt, were likely available for sale, due the uniformity of felt patches and the uniformity of stencil and paint quality.
  • Summer Honors, for girls meeting during summer break, were discontinued in 1958.
  •  "We The People" in 1975-77 appears to be the last National Project.

Finding this information is difficult, but goes a long way in helping to date these items. Any help in identifying the honor design, or filling in gaps would be appreciated!


1916 - Baby Kits to Children Overseas  
The first project grew from a warmhearted concern for the plight of small children during the First World War. The suggestion was made in 1916 that girls might make clothing for "babies in Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Armenia, as well as in our own land." The response was overwhelming. Parcels spilled over the mailing room at National Headquarters and necessitated temporary rental of addition space to handle and classify them for shipment abroad.

 WO-HE-LO The Camp Fire History, 1980 edition, page 215
1917 - references found for helping the Red Cross as a Birthday Project, but not verified as the project theme    
1919 - Assisting the American Committee for Devastated France    

1920 - Mothers' and Fathers' Festival



1926 - Interior Decoration or Beautify Your Corner

1927 - Tree Planting

1928 - Give Service    
1929 - Flower Birthday


Honor Design Unknown


 Camp Fire Girls "Flower Birthday" display in San Diego, CA flower show. Could the design be the Honor Design? 1929

1930 - Indian Lore

Honor Design Unknown


1931 - International Friendship    
1932 - Beauty in the Home  
1933 - Making the Most of Me


"Making The Most Of Me"

1934 - Hobbies



1935 -  My Place in the World Honor Design Unknown

1936 - Hospitality at Home and Abroad

1937 - Silver Jubilee

The bottom quarter symbols represent Camping
The left quarter - Membership
The right quarter - Service
Top quarter - Birthday

This is the Silver Jubilee Honor symbol at the beginning of the jubilee year. The four empty quarters were filled in one by one during the year as the group earned them; Camping, Membership, Service and Birthday.

1938 - My Land and Me
also noted as This Land of Ours

1939 - Americana Honor Design Unknown  
1940 - Skillful Living    
1941 - Treasure Trails - Exploring, Creating, Sharing Honor Design Unknown

1942 - Fortifying the Family Honor Design Unknown

1943-1944 - Serving by Saving  




1945 - Hi Neighbor!

Honor Design Unknown Unknown if there was a charm Sewed and collected "clothing kits" for Europe's children
1946 - At Home in the World Honor Design Unknown

1947 - Going Places Honor Design Unknown

1948 - 1949 Make Mine Democracy Honor Design Unknown

1949 - 1950 -Discovery Unlimited

This may or may not be the design for the 1950 Birthday Project - more research needed
Charm Design Unknown

1951 - Everyone Counts
1952 - Design for Friendship      
1953 - Down to Earth Honor Design Unknown Charm Design Unknown

1954 Let's Be Different Together      
1955 - Let Freedom Ring Honor Design Unknown

1955's charm is shown: The Liberty Bell
1956 - Plant Seeds - Reap Friendship

Design was to be stenciled in yellow on brown suede or navy felt

1957 - Together We Make Tomorrow

Honor Design Unknown




1957 -1958 - Meet the People

1958 Annual Project Honor

1959 - 1961

 -The World Around Her
                 - She Cares - Do You?

 Golden Jubilee Girl Project, 2 1/2 years long


Golden Jubilee Honor, stenciled onto green felt

Yellow for the Golden Jubilee, seed pod design for promise of new life and continued growth.

This was an earned honor

Golden Jubilee Honor memento charm, shown on navy blue felt

Charm had no requirements for wear, unlike the felt honor


1962 - 1963 - Today's Program for Today's Girl

1964 - 1965 - Think Big, Widen Your World

1965 - 1966 - Think Big, See the World

2 piece patch set


National Projects Charms, center 1964-65, outer 65-66,  



1966 - 1967 - Spotlighting the Arts

1967 - 1968 - Star in the Creative Arts

1971 - Tell it like it was      
1976 -  We The People

Camp Fire Project to celebrate the 200th birthday of the United States.


This Summer Honor design was used in 1955, 56, 57 and 58 (the year the Summer Honor ended). It was only earned by Advisors and Guardians who arranged for 6 gatherings of their girls during the summer break.



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